Mitch & Cam

Oh my word, can we talk about Cam and Mitch's wedding?  Such an honor to photograph this gorgeous wedding.  Such a great group of people in one of the most gorgeous locations in Clark. Glen Eden is an awesome spot to not only house your guests in these super cute cabins, but it has this beautiful spot for the ceremony that is just un-real.  RIGHT by the pretty.  Check it out!

Jessica & Jacob

Ok, before I tear up...this is my personal favorite wedding.  Not because the bride is gorgeous or the groom is wearing my favorite colored suit, but...because this is my sister in law.  I have known Jessica since she was 10.  She used to do mundane chores for me (like cool my quarters), she used to play soccer with her hands on her hips, she let me put her makeup on for prom and serve her and her guests a delicious home cooked meal before hand.  I have seen her through awesome times, strange boys and heartbreak.  So when she said she was dating a new boy and that he drove an old cop car....I was suspicious and highly protective of my little Jesse.  Fortunately, that was not a big deal for her, so it wasn't for me...kind of ;)  I met Jacob the day before the wedding and couldn't have been more thrilled of her selection of the boy she wanted to be with forever.  What a blessing it is to add another and FINAL member to our family (besides babies) and what a blessing it was for me and my other sister in law Amy to photograph the wedding.  We got to see moments of the day that nobody else got to see.  The quiet moments before the I do's....the sweet few minutes spent pinning grandmothers rings on the inside of her dress.  It was a "magical" day and I couldn't narrow down, so...enjoy being a part of Jessie and Jacobs BIG, magical day :)