Heidi + James

The day started with crazy gusts of wind and white caps on the Catamount lake in Steamboat Springs CO.  We were waiting on pins and needles waiting for the Colorado weather to let up and the wedding to begin.  Wedding party photos had started in the rain and we were crossing our fingers for the clouds to part and the sun to grace us with it's presence.  20 minutes before the wedding began, the clouds blew out and the sun shown in all it's glory.  Heidi and James's wedding was just perfection.  The gorgeous couple walked with confidence up and down that aisle, having committed their lives to one another as friends and family witnessed their love and devotion to each other.  What a day it was.  Happiness and pure joy....that was the day.  Congrats to Heidi and James.....a lifetime of happiness and love to you both. Mazel Tov!